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It’s a smart idea to hire an attorney with DUI law experience when you’re charged with a DUI or DWI. You’ll find that when you turn to Zachary W. Ramsey, PC. He’s a trusted DUI/DWI attorney in Oklahoma City, OK. Unlike court-appointed attorneys who take on DUI cases occasionally, attorney Ramsey is well-versed in DUI/DWI law and will apply that knowledge to your case.

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The police report is the most important document in a DUI/DWI case. Here are a few questions you may have about them:

What’s a police report?
A police report is a written record that the police officer prepares after you’ve been arrested. It’s shared with the court and can be given to your attorney.

What’s in the report?
The report includes the story of your arrest from beginning to end. It will state why the officer stopped you and where you were transported. It may also include other details, such as how you looked, sounded and smelled during the arrest.

How important is the report?
The police report makes up the majority of the prosecutor’s case. Police officers use it to remember how the events of the arrest occurred.

With the right lawyer, it’s possible to get the charges against you dropped, especially if the DUI was a misunderstanding. Get in touch with attorney Ramsey now to find out how he can help you in Oklahoma City, OK.