Drug Possession Attorney in Oklahoma City, OK

Turn to Zachary W. Ramsey, PC, a drug possession attorney that will have your back

Do you need a qualified drug possession attorney in Oklahoma City, OK? Get in touch with Zachary W. Ramsey, PC today. Attorney Ramsey will examine your case closely and determine the best course of action to attempt to minimize negative consequences.

Attorney Ramsey has extensive knowledge about federal, state and local drug possession laws. Along with federal strategies to fight controlled substance abuse and distribution, you’ll also have to deal with state drug laws.

Simple possession charges are usually classified as misdemeanors and may result in probation, short-term jail time or fines. When the drug charges move into the federal realm, the charge may end with harsher punishments and longer sentences.

Attorney Ramsey can guide you through the entire drug possession charge process and let you know what to expect from the case. Get in touch with him now for the legal help you deserve in Oklahoma City, OK.

What’s the difference between distribution, trafficking and possession?

Attorney Ramsey can answer all of your questions about your drug charge. Here’s some information you can use to understand the difference between distribution, trafficking and possession charges:

Distribution: This charge usually involves selling, delivering or providing controlled substances illegally, typically to an undercover police officer.

Trafficking: This charge also involves selling, delivering or providing controlled substances illegally. It usually depends on where you were arrested, how much of the substance you had and your criminal history.

Possession: This charge involves proving you knowingly and intentionally had a controlled substance without a prescription. The government must also prove you had enough of the substance for personal use or sale.

Contact attorney Ramsey now to develop a smart defense for your drug possession case in Oklahoma City, OK. He’ll go over the details of your case carefully and work hard to obtain the best possible outcome.