DUI Law in Oklahoma City, OK

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Whether you’re guilty or innocent, you need a smart, reliable attorney when you’re facing DUI charges in Oklahoma City, OK. Zachary W. Ramsey, PC has extensive DUI law knowledge. Once you call him, you can depend on him to develop your case to try to minimize your charges or sentence.

It all starts with the arrest. If you’re over the age of 21 and found to have a blood alcohol content of .08% or more, you’ll be charged with a DUI. Police officers don’t have to use a breathalyzer to charge you, they just need probable cause. For example, they can arrest you at a traffic stop or for driving erratically.

Once arrested, you’ll be taken to a police station and booked. The booking process consists of gathering personal information, collecting fingerprints and taking away your personal possessions. A bail amount can be set, which you must pay in full before your release.

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Arraignment and beyond in Oklahoma City, OK

After you’re booked for a DUI, a court hearing will be set. The arraignment is your first court appearance. During the arraignment, the judge will:

  • Read your charges.
  • Find out if you need an attorney.
  • Ask how you plea to the charges.
  • Make changes to your bail, if necessary.
  • Set future court dates if you plead not guilty.

If you plead not guilty, you and your DWI attorney will return for a preliminary hearing. During this hearing, a judge will figure out if there’s enough evidence against you to conduct a trial. If there is, the trial will be held with sentencing at the end.

Zachary W. Ramsey can help you file an appeal if you think you were wrongly convicted. Contact attorney Ramsey now to start working on your case in Oklahoma City, OK.