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Expungement Law Attorney in Oklahoma City, OK

Clear Your Name in Oklahoma

You don’t have to live with the mark of a bad decision on your record forever. In many cases, you can get your case expunged. At the law office of Zachary W. Ramsey, PC, we procure a few different types of expungements for clients in Oklahoma, including:
  • Basic 991(c) expungements: If you go forward with this type of expungement, the court file is sealed, the entry of the crime is removed from the Oklahoma State Courts Network and the On Demand Court Records databases, and search results of the charge in the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation database are changed to read “pled guilty, case dismissed.”
  • Section 18 expungements: These expungements also seal the court file and remove the OSCN and ODCR entries, but they also erase results in the OSBI database, seal arrest and jailing records and any other third-party criminal records.
  • Victim protective order expungements: These expungements are just as thorough as section 18 expungements, but they can be applied to civil cases in which a victim protective order was applied, such as domestic violence cases.

Do you need help determining which type of expungement best applies to your situation? Call (405) 343-5219 right away to schedule a free consultation with Zac at our Oklahoma City office.

5 Reasons to Get Your Record Expunged

It’s easy to forget about an old criminal charge, but one day it might prevent you from an exciting opportunity. Here are five reasons to proactively expunge your charge today:
  1. A criminal record can affect your ability to buy insurance.
  2. An old criminal charge can show up in an employer background check and damage your likelihood of getting a job.
  3. Private landlords and real estate agents can deny you housing if you have a criminal record.
  4. You can be prevented from obtaining certain state licenses and certifications if you have a criminal record.
  5. You may be banned from certain volunteer opportunities if you have a criminal record.

Get your old criminal charge expunged with the help of an experienced attorney today so you can relax again.